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Scout Gallery

Scout Gallery


The Scout Gallery was established in 1996 with the aim at extending the prominent tradition of Scouting. Through the display of high historical valued exhibits, one will have a better understanding of the World and Hong Kong Scout Movement and capture the unforgettable moment of Scouting in the past.


Exhibition includes Permanent Exhibition Gallery and Special Exhibition Gallery.

1) Permanent Exhibition Gallery

In the Permanent Exhibition Gallery, "Story of Hong Kong Scouting" is featured with rare historical and spectacular exhibits. The exhibition outlines the origin and development of Hong Kong Scouting.

  • What do you know about the history of Scout Movement?

    In summer of 1907, Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting led a group of 20 youths plus his nephew and an older brother of the boys on camp to an experimental camping on the Brownsea Island of southern England. It was a successful experiment during which scoutcraft including fire setting, backwoods cooking, use of track sign and campcraft were taught to the boys. Lord Baden-Powell rewrote part of his "Scouting for Boys" and published it in 1908. The Scout Movement was thus born in the United Kingdom against this background and gradually became a worldwide Movement.

  • Know more about the Scout Movement in Hong Kong

    Scout Movement was originated in England, how was it introduced to Hong Kong? When was the 1st Hong Kong Group founded? How did the Scout Movement survive in Hong Kong during the World War II? Do you understand the significance of the Scout Association of Hong Kong being a full member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement? What did the Scout Association of Hong Kong prepare for the New Millennium? You can find out all these answers in The Scout Gallery.

    High historical valued exhibits also include many valuable collections of the scout items of the old days such as photos and souvenirs of Jamborees held in Hong Kong, pins, badges and medals from 1909, and even the A.P.R. armband and silver pin of the World War II. How can you miss this valuable exhibition?

2) Special Exhibition Gallery

Special Exhibition Gallery is a staging changing thematic exhibitions.

  • Current exhibition: Hong Kong Chief Commissioners

    To let the visitors have a better understanding of the historical development of the Hong Kong Scout Movement, the Special Exhibition Gallery currently presents the stories of the 16 Hong Kong Chief Commissioners in the past hundred years. Visitors are able to gain greater insight into their achievements and contributions. Please seize the chance to take a look.

  • Other Valuable Exhibits

    Besides, many valuable exhibits donated by former senior Scout leaders are also shown in the gallery, including souvenir badges and district badges in 1950's, colourful hand painting campfire robe and other historical Scouting items. More exhibits include souvenir badges, photos and documents from the 7th World Scout Jamboree held in Austria in 1951.

Exhibits Collection

In the gallery, many exhibits are generously donated or lent by members of the Scout Movement. If you are interested to be one of them, or you have something to donate to The Scout Gallery, please contact our Public Relations Branch.

We are inviting you

The Scout Gallery is there and inviting your visit. Details are as follows:

Address: 11/F Hong Kong Scout Centre, Scout Path, Austin Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Enquiry: (852) 2957 6366 (Tel)
(852) 2302 1087 (Fax) (E-mail)
Admission: Free of charge
Remarks: For group visit, prior appointment will be appreciated.
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