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Table of circulars
Date Subject Deadline Related Section Unit/Region Category
01/12/2023 Uniform Jacket -- All Member Policy Circular Standing Circular
01/12/2023 ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE SCOUT RAFFLE CAMPAIGN 2024 (For Silver Jubilee District) -- All Member Raffle Campaign Administration
01/12/2023 Headquarters Notices -- All Member Administration Branch Announcement
01/12/2023 Annual Group Registration & Census 2023 (For Silver Jubilee District) -- Leader Administration Branch Administration
01/12/2023 Jamscout 2024, SPAIN 05/01/2024 Scout,Venture Scout,Rover Scout,Leader International Branch Activities/Training
01/12/2023 List of Leader Training Course (January - March 2024) (T106/2023) -- Venture Scout,Rover Scout,All Adult Member,Public Training Branch Activities/Training
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