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Message from Chief Commissioner

Message from Chief Commissioner

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Scouting,


I am deeply honored to have been appointed as the new Chief Commissioner of Scout Association of Hong Kong. My lifelong involvement in Scouting, starting from a young age under the guidance of my father and predecessors, has instilled in me a strong emotional connection and a solid foundation in Scouting principles. This transformative Scouting journey has profoundly influenced my values, behavior, and personal growth, equipping me with qualities such as self-reliance, responsibility, leadership skills, teamwork, and a spirit of service.


Moreover, my years of experience serving the Government have provided me with valuable expertise in management and decision-making. These skills will be instrumental in my role as Chief Commissioner, enabling me to effectively organize and lead teams, develop and execute strategies, and overcome challenges and obstacles to fulfill the goals and mission of our organization.


With my unwavering passion for the Scouting movement and the extensive network I have built through my government work, I am confident in my ability to lead Scout Association of Hong Kong with a steadfast focus on empowering youth and nurturing them into responsible citizens for the betterment of society. As the new Chief Commissioner, I embark on this new journey, cognizant of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. I am fully committed to the following key aspects:


Firstly, I will prioritize the holistic development of young people. Recognizing that Scouting provides an ideal platform for fostering positive character traits, moral values, and leadership abilities, I will ensure that our future plans and activities offer diverse experiences, including outdoor adventures, community service, skill training, and leadership development.


Secondly, Scout Association of Hong Kong boasts a rich history and a commendable reputation. I am dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our organization's image and standing. This entails strengthening collaboration with various sectors of society and government departments, forging new partnerships, and actively promoting and publicizing our values and contributions to garner greater understanding and recognition.


Thirdly, I firmly believe that frontline leaders and youth members are invaluable assets to our organization, and their work and contributions are pivotal to our success. To ensure their voices are heard, I will establish an open and transparent communication mechanism, encouraging Regional Commissioners and District Commissioners to actively listen to the opinions and concerns of frontline leaders and youth members.


Lastly, I place great importance on teamwork and the spirit of collaboration. I firmly believe that a strong sense of cohesion and the ability to work together are essential for our organization's long-term success. I will foster cooperation and collaboration among different branches and regions, promoting resource sharing and knowledge exchange. Through the establishment of a cooperative culture rooted in mutual support and respect, each Commissioner will have the opportunity to unleash their full potential and work collectively towards our organization's objectives.


I sincerely hope to work hand in hand with every uniformed member, lay member, and professional staff to fulfill our mission and vision. Together, let us strive unwaveringly, never forgetting our initial intentions, guided by our Scout promises, and upholding the Scouting spirit. By transforming Scout Association of Hong Kong into a nurturing cradle for youth growth, we will cultivate exceptional leaders and responsible citizens who contribute significantly to social development and create enduring memories of personal growth for young people.


Thank you for your unwavering support and trust. Let us join forces to create a better world. The Scouts are ready to serve!

Salute to all!


Wilson Lai

Chief Commissioner


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