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Wood Badge Training Scheme

Wood Badge Training Scheme

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Wood Badge is a world recognized training scheme for Scouters.  It is an insignia to identify that the holder has completed strict Scout Leader Training, and is a competent leader who is trained to bring better Scouting to the Scouts.

Wood Badge Training comprises of "Sectional" and "Administrator" Training Schemes. "Sectional Leaders Wood Badge Training Scheme" is suitable for Sectional Leaders, whereas "Administrator Wood Badge Training Scheme" is suitable for Lay Members. Group Scout Leaders and Professional Staff would join any one of the training schemes.

Wood Badge Training taking the form of a series of training courses comprises both theories and practices. Through diversified lectures and activities, like leadership training, camping, hiking, mapping, and lightweight cooking, it enhances leaders' competency in organising, problem-solving, creativity, communication and presentation.

Furthermore, a variety of over 30 leader skill courses, such as Pioneering Course, Knotting Course, Action-centred Leadership Course and Decision Making and Strategic Planning Course, etc are designed for adult leaders with a view to enhance their scoutcraft and management skills and knowledge.

Wood Badge Training Scheme
Category Sectional Leader
Wood Badge Training
Wood Badge Training
Sectional Leader
Group Scout Leader
Non-sectional Leader
Professional Staff
Lay Member  -

Chart of Wood Badge Training System

List of Core and Elective Leader Skill Courses

Traning Management System

Providing an online platform for applicants to enroll leader training courses and workshops, and make payment online. You may find details of the WoodBadge courses and workshops organized by Training Branch and all regions in the Training Management System.

Website :
User Guide :Training Management System User Guide

List of Wood Badge and Leader Skill Courses

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