Last updated: 28 March 2013

You have now joined the Cub Scouts

You may have been waiting for quite a while to join the Cub Scouts and at last the great day has arrived and you have been to your first Pack meeting. It may have seemed very strange with lots of new things going on, unfamiliar ceremonies and new things called a Grand Howl, a Sixer and a Six to learn about.

What is a Cub Scout?

Cub Scouts are a group of boys and girls who like having fun, making friends, and trying new things. They are helpful and trustworthy. They wear a special uniform and attend meetings every week.

A small group of Cub Scouts is called a Six, and a number of Sixes is called a Pack. The Pack meets once a week with some grownups and is usually led by an Akela. The Cub Scouts in your local area form part of a wider Family of Scouts found all over the world. There are Members both younger than you (called Grasshopper Scouts) and older (called Scouts, Venture Scouts and Rover Scouts).


Cub Scouts:

  • earn badges
  • have fun together
  • keep the Cub Scout Promise and Law
  • learn to take care of themselves and be helpful to others
  • enjoy outings
  • go camping
  • protect the environment
  • enjoy arts and crafts
  • learn about their natural surroundings and the outdoors
  • move on to be Scouts in the future.


As a Cub Scout there will be plenty to do and learn about, in small groups and with the whole Pack. The activities you participate in are usually part of the Cub Scout Training Scheme. As you move through the Scheme you will be able to gain badges to wear on your uniform.

The details of all the badges can be found in this book, along with some suggestions as to how you can earn them.


This is the first badge you earn and you can gain the Scout Family Badge first stage also. You can look at the first section of this handbook for details of the contents


This badge will give you an idea of the type of activities which you can try during your time in the Cub Scout Pack. For details you can take a look on page 18. You should complete this within 6 months after completion of the Membership Badge.


Each award consists of ten parts. You need not to learn and complete all of them, as each part has many items and activities for you to choose from. You should choose according to your ability, interests and skills.

The ten areas are:

  1. Outdoor Activities
  2. Sports and Hobbies
  3. Helping Others
  4. Taking Care of Yourself
  5. Science and Nature
  6. Creativity
  7. My Community
  8. Country and Culture
  9. Promise and Law
  10. The Scout Family


When you are 9.5 years old you will probably want to start other challenging activities. You can ask Akela to register you for the Golden Bauhinia Award. Akela will guide you to get this award according to your abilities.

You must complete the requirements of ALL of the FOUR sections:

  1. Outdoor Challenge
  2. Adventure Challenge
  3. Sharing Together
  4. Helping to Lead

The requirements are outlined later in this book.


As a Cub Scout you may already have your own hobbies and interests. While pursuing these, you can earn special Activity Badges either on your own or by working with a group of Cub Scouts the whole Pack. You can start earning these badges after your Investiture. Your Akela will arrange a mentor for you. After you complete the requirements for a particular badge, you will be awarded that badge and can sew it onto your uniform.

You should earn at least 4 Activity Badges in your Cub Scouting life. If you have enough time and ability, you may try to earn more Activity Badges according to your interests. Remember: Do your best!

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